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KCCSI’s Financial Literacy Program

KCCSI’s Financial Literacy Program- is designed to provide training on financial management using the Your Money Your Life curriculum and the FDIC Money SmartProgram.  This program offers “real life” training in budgeting, savings, building good credit, debt management, predatory lending and diversifying accounts.  Participants who complete the classes are welcome to return for further assistance with one on one case management to continue their financial progress.  The program goal is to bring about financial awareness in individuals to encourage better choices that will strengthen their families. 

KCCSI has been bringing this educational opportunity to our residents for four years and is currently expanding the program to include follow up classes on insurance, wills and identity theft issues.  We have also held youth classes to promote early financial education.

The program is offered through the agency on Saturdays in order to meet the needs of the working population.  In addition, classes have been held during the day and evening times to accommodate a variety of participants.  Classes are also offered through partnerships with faith based organizations. 

The participants attend 2 class sessions in order to complete the program.  During these sessions, they will receive a notebook of financial material, participate in hands on decision making activities and receive detailed instructions that can offer life changing outcomes.  We discuss real life issues of mismanagement of money, the emotions of spending and lack of accountability with finances.  Great time is given to the credit and debt section of the program.  With the large amount of credit card debt, it is imperative that the participants see the big picture to purchasing on credit.  The students are asked to conduct some homework assignments between the two sessions to encourage the concept of practicing good money management skills. 


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